The case study of Grot aims to demonstrate the marketing strategy of a medium-sized family company operating in the market of traditional cold cuts and sausages and to discuss challenges involved in the diversification of the company’s operations in the context of adapting to new trends in the foods market. Special attention is paid to the role of traditional foods in the strategy of the company and to how Polis origin of products is communicated in marketing communication. Communication strategy of the company excellently fits into the ethnocentric trend by accentuating the Polish origin of the range of offered products and traditional way in which they are made in advertising materials and on the packaging of products. In Poland, the category of traditional meat products is especially predisposed to activities linked with consumer ethnocentrism. The monitoring of sources of meat supply and the system of distribution through the network of own and franchise stores that remain in direct contact with customers play critical roles in the ethnocentrism strategy.