The concept of O, Bion’s most controversial concept involves a deep intuition in tandem with dream states. Bion uses the word “mystic” as synonymous with “genius” or “exceptional individual.” Bion’s O redefines the use of mystic states in psychoanalysis by including the idea of a healthy mind/self as a feeling-dreaming-thinking entity O; then it is a transcendent view in conjunction with a mind able to digest primitive feelings, i.e., to think. The analyst’s intuitive access into waking dream states akin to the mystic’s must be accompanied by a mind able to think about visions gleaned through a non-rational, disorganized mind. Openness to such intuitive visions reflects a breakdown or suspension of the known ego, enabling breakthroughs into those waking dreams. The author adds that in the case of traumatized “wise babies,” these are breakdowns that never healed.