A nuclear proposition: The Unconscious is the most striking example of the concrete existence of the “Infinite in Act”, which constitutes us as human beings and that the possible apprehension of his interference in the field of the “conscious finitude” is given in an attitude of “Intuitive Attention” of the analyst. From tradition to contradiction: from determinism to randomness, the reality is uncertain and undecidable. The universe to which we have access is only a possible reality among infinite multiuniverses; this is a blow to our arrogance, but it opens the doors of the Infinite. After historical revision it comes to O described as the fullness of the void. Musical listening would be an attempt to illustrate Caesura between a finite and infinite experience. When we are captured by the music and forget everything, we give ourselves to music in a radically pleasurable experience. Perhaps we are bold discoverers of a music that exists waiting to be discovered, infinite.