The authors present a few selected moments of the supervisions in which references to the theme intuition appeared explicitly. They illustrate and discuss the different ways Bion uses the concept during some of supervisions in Brazil evolving in states of mind proper to the dimension of knowing, proper to putting oneself in unison with reality, and receptive to thoughts without a thinker. They allow a new look at Bion’s ideas as they present spur-of-the-moment communications during clinical discussions possible in colloquial meetings. They offer us direct indications on Bion’s thought and operating in the psychoanalytic clinic in his final years of life. A first major point of his seminal position on intuition is that this concept is always present in his work and can be found in different elaborations since Experiences in Groups. The set formed by the collection of these sparse ideas in Bion’s work composes a complex vision but allows the perception that the sense of intuition changes in his thinking depending on the deductive system in which the intuition is inserted.