The global climate crisis threatens all life on Earth and requires immediate and dramatic action. Everyone needs to develop greater climate crisis literacy and global literacies to be able to understand the crisis in a global framework. This chapter addresses developing climate crisis global literacies about the scale and urgency of the problem, understanding the issues of justice the crisis raises, developing strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (mitigate), and finding ways to live in a changing climate (adapt). The three co-authors describe their pedagogical approaches and related research for teaching climate crisis global literacies. Allen Webb contextualizes these literacies in terms of addressing the climate crisis as a threat to the survival of humanity through writing and responding to literature. Emily Polk describes her composition instruction for engaging students in community-based research for addressing local climate change impacts. Richard Beach draws on research on the use of media to communicate these impacts to global audiences. Taken together, these three narratives bridge research and practice toward transformative action on climate justice.