This volume uses the “Black Atlantic” as a lens through which to locate and investigate sporting protests by black persons across the diaspora. The introduction to the volume traces the significance of historiographical developments, and shows how a focus on sport and protest can benefit from a transnational approach. Tracing the major developments of the historiography, the introduction sets the stage for the contributions that make up the heart of the volume. Through transnational contacts and experiences through the diaspora, often in response to violence and racism, we can see the various ways that sports formed a stage for protest throughout diverse regions in the Black Atlantic. The introduction also highlights how the diversity of the Black Atlantic is mirrored in the themes and contributors found in this volume. Ten scholars from around the Black Atlantic have come together to show how the stories of stories of sports and protest are about so much more than simple acts of defiance. They show men and women using their stage – often international in scope – to try and change their world.