This chapter deals with the visions of China that, together with the Portuguese accounts, converged in Juan González de Mendoza's Historia del Gran Reino de la China. After an introduction to the medieval precedent from Marco Polo, the previous sources on China are addressed until the entry of the Franciscans Pedro de Alfaro and Agustín de Tordesillas in southern China, an unofficial expedition carried out in 1579, and the Itinerario of Martín Ignacio de Loyola, Franciscan, who entered the Ming Empire in 1582. The weight of the accounts of the Augustinian Martín de Rada and the soldier Miguel de Luarca in the Historia of González de Mendoza are analyzed below. After the itinerary through the precedents, the missionary sources of González de Mendoza and the characteristics of the vision of China that he transmitted, as well as the analysis of the dialogue of the Augustinian historian with his sources, the last part of the chapter delves into the historiographical vision that Fray Juan had and that allowed him to shape his work.