Chinese scholars’ research on Indo-Pacific strategy has undergone two shifts. First, they began to pay limited attention to the Indo-Pacific concept and the US’ Indo-Pacific regional strategy in 2013. With 2017 and 2018 as the turning point, their focus on the Indo-Pacific strategy increased significantly. Second, scholars’ assessment of the Indo-Pacific strategy reached a consensus, especially on its threat to China, after the end of 2019. The two main reasons for these shifts were the enrichment of the Indo-Pacific strategy by the US and China's perception of India's attitudes. China's official responses to the strategy have been in rhythm with scholars’ research, shifting from a more open and neutral attitude towards the concept to a critical one. Against the background of America's continuing effort to implement the Indo-Pacific strategy, China's policies can focus on three aspects: do a good job of itself, manage China–US relations peacefully and cooperatively, and break down the group politics.