The Maritime Kray and the Far East must be turned into a highly developed national economic complex. The tremendous raw material potential must be used here for building enterprises with complete cycles, to produce here as a minimum semifinished products, but better still, end-products. The major new coal development in the Far East has been the opening up of the South Yakutian coal basin centred at the new town of Neryun-gri. In contrast to many local Siberian deposits and mines, this basin contains a high-grade bituminous coal acceptable for both steamraising, coking uses. Initial commercial development began in the 1970s under an agreement with Japan. To the south east in Amur Oblast brown-coal mining activity occurs in the Raychikhinsk basin at Raychikhinsk, is planned in the Nizhne-zeysk basin at Svobodnyy. The Soviet oil industry over the past two decades has become dominated by the fields of the West Siberian plain which in 1988 produced about two-thirds of total Soviet oil.