The railway is critical not only to the development of Yakutia but also to the fortunes of the burgeoning South Yakutian Territorial-Production Complex (TPC). In addition to its basic supply function, passing along the spine of the South Yakutian TPC, the AYAM will serve as a locus for the regional development of a myriad of new resources all the way to Tommot. The key to the South Yakutian Territorial-Production Complex is the mining of coking coal. The South Yakutian TPC is relatively well endowed with construction materials, including limestone, dolomite and vermiculite. Recent work by Soviet planners on the composition of the South Yakutian TPC prognosticates four industrial nodes for the region. All of this should theoretically stimulate population growth in South Yakutia, further spurring the growth of the building materials industries, including limestone quarrying, dolomite extraction, the mining of other building stone and vermiculite enterprises.