This chapter explores the issues associated with ethical concerns that journalists encounter. It examines various codes of ethics, ethical dilemmas journalists often face and the overall value of ethics within the field of journalism. Amid scrutiny in which some people label them as “enemies,” journalists must be more careful than ever about accountability. Because many newsrooms lack racial and ethnic diversity, journalists must be mindful of all members of their communities. The Radio Television Digital News Association, which represents broadcasters, reported in 2018 that people of color made up 24.8% of television news employees and 11.3% of radio news employees. News organizations publish letters to the editor, op-ed commentary and other forms of public feedback, such as comments sections and social media forums. Even if information is publicly available, journalists must compare an individual's right to privacy with the public's right to know. One of the most important tenets of American journalism is journalists’ independence from outside influence.