Budding photographers must realize the limitations of the lens as well as the other parts of the camera and then align their expectations with the equipment. Photographers adjust the aperture to maximize or minimize the amount of light entering the camera. Some mirrorless cameras allow users to choose the volume and sound of the shutter, in order to allow for both quiet photography and a more traditional experience. Photography frequently involves faces, especially journalistic photography. Photographers must also contend with the issues of color and grayscale when making and editing photographs. The mobile phone has revolutionized photography because, for many people, it is a ubiquitous tool. The compact camera market for consumers is dying due to cell phone popularity. Two camera designs are popular with advanced amateurs and professionals: mirrorless and digital single-lens reflex systems. Many hybrid cameras are simply still cameras that have movie modes, and their internal microphones will pick up distracting sounds like a lens zooming.