This chapter considers innovative approaches while providing concrete guidance to service-learning and community engagement (S-LCE) professionals, faculty, and higher education administrators seeking to ensure that their faculty development activities promote high-quality S-LCE. It articulates an integrative and transformative model for faculty development in S-LCE. Represented by four lenses, this transformative S-LCE model draws on reflective practice traditions. The model is intended to assist faculty and S-LCE professionals with critical reflection on their own assumptions about what constitutes robust S-LCE theory and practice in teaching and learning, institutional support and change, knowledge generation and application, and community partnerships and capacity building. The chapter continues with a description of the framework as transformative and integrative, segueing to an overview of foundational faculty learning outcomes (FLOs) and threshold concepts. It explicates each lens of the framework in the context of the FLOs, threshold concepts, activities, and outcomes that should be included in faculty development efforts.