While the planet is facing a serious crisis at the moment, it becomes essential to find avenues to undo the damage that humans have done to the planet for centuries. The first step in this regard could be the circulation of ideas that highlight the crisis that humanity is facing today and one of the ways to initiate a dialogue around the same could be the domain of arts and music. While looking at the genre of rap music, this chapter attempts to shed light on environmental and industrial disaster and the catastrophe a city such as Delhi has been facing for the past several years. What could possibly be some of the means to address the issue of climate emergency? This chapter, while looking at two Indian rappers, Sofia Ashraf and Raoul Kerr, attempts to create a discourse around some of the challenges that the ecosystem is grappling with. While subverting the idea of enlightenment, this chapter endeavours to reimagine the idea of growth and progression. Moreover, this chapter tries to locate the historicity of nature and proposes the idea that it is about time to address nature as an important part of culture. While looking at some of the above-mentioned concerns, this chapter also engages with the idea of hope while there is chaos and destruction all around.