The purpose of this chapter is mainly threefold: first, to understand the influence and contribution of the writings on the tropical climate and diseases by the medical travellers on the Romantic literature and philosophy; second, to examine the medical affect in Romantic literature; third, how the doctor travellers with their ground-breaking medical experimentations with the nautical diseases, medicalised body, climate and catastrophe paved the way for as well as expanded the planetary/worldly sense of medical Romanticism. This study seeks to establish how the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century scientific/medical travellers shaped significant scientific moments of planet-thoughts/ world-making, based on observations, care, kinship, classifications and heterogeneous attitudes toward the peripheral worlds of new races, climate, tropical diseases and medicalised bodies. This chapter seeks to argue how the eighteenth-century global notion as well as the scientific motion became the planetary subject of Romanticism with its focus on emotion, feelings, subjectivity, sensitivity and pathological care for the self as well as for the alterity.