The reaction video genre is an influential site of meaning-making, especially for global youth cultures. The reaction video, particularly, within specified fandoms, brings together multiple modalities of fan engagement. It overturns the structure which deems the fan only as a consumer and affectively binds together the fan creator and the fan consumer, creating a new modality for the flow of emotions and affect on a global scale. This chapter tries to show how affect here can be conceptualised as a cultural practice in which the fan chooses to engage. In turn, this can be seen as a conscious effort on the fans part to suture their identity into multiple such lineages created in fandoms, thus co-opting multiple identities at once to create a polycultural identity for themselves in the digital terrain. The polycultural identity created herein shows the potential for the emergence of digital planetarities which are created in the countercurrents of a triumphant narrative of globalisation and creation of a homogenous globalised cultural identity.