In this chapter, the authors examine the issues by analyzing the content and reception of the two most well-known anti-racist campaigns from Dutch soccer culture of the past decade. These are the campaign "If Racism Wins, Sports Loses" by the local Amsterdam municipality and the campaign "Stand Up, Speak Up" by Nike. The authors analyze the impact of both campaigns on their target audiences using in-depth interviews with soccer players and professionals, a survey of local Amsterdam soccer players and a semiotic analysis of campaign materials and discourses. They analyze the reception of the two mass media campaigns "If Racism Wins, Sports Loses" and "Stand Up, Speak Up" based on the results of the survey. The authors contextualize these quantitative findings using material from the in-depth interviews. In order to assess how these two campaigns were received by Dutch soccer audiences, data were collected using a survey amongst soccer players and in-depth interviews with experts and local Amsterdam soccer players.