The great mosaics may have been inlaid small piece by small piece so that they have a beauty of detail that delights the eye, but in addition, in toto, they create an awe-inspiring spectacle in the design of cathedral or church as a whole. Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji's music is different in kind from the "playing with sounds" of so many modish composers. The prime and overriding impression made by Sorabji's music is of its great beauty, range, and variety; the second, of its essential dynamicism. It is always moving, always evolving, and that is why any comparison with the static arts is so hopelessly inadequate. Listening to Sorabji's work one never tires. Kaleidoscopic patterns of great beauty are held and turned for a while in the hand, like a many-faceted jewel, only to dissolve and give way to further and yet further patterns — the whole exhibiting an apparently illimitable inventiveness.