The history of Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji's music in performance may be conveniently divided into six periods. The first covers November 1920 to December 1936 and, with some exceptions, consists of performances given by the composer himself, mostly in London and Glasgow, but also in Paris, Vienna, and Bombay. The second period covers May 1946 to March 1973. The third period covers July 1973 to June 1976, during which Michael Habermann gave numerous "unofficial" performances of various short works, including the Fantaisie espagnole and the First two sections of Opus clavicembalisticum. The fourth period covers December 1976 to April 1980. The fifth period, covering June 1980 to April 1984, contains as its high point the first complete modern performance of Opus clavicembalisticum, given in Amsterdam by the Australian-born pianist Geoffrey Douglas Madge on 11 June 1982. The sixth period, from June 1984 to the present, confirms the increasing interest in Sorabji's music.