Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji's songs usually have obvious titles, because they originate in others' pre-existing texts. However, there are two potential additional problems: the texts themselves and the identification of their authors. For the piano concertos, simple titles are suggested, assigning unique ordinal numbers to avoid confusion of identification. The fragmentary song "The Wicked Gardener" contains one of the most colourful of the symbolist/decadent poems Sorabji set. Dedications and inscriptions are given within quotation marks as Sorabji wrote them, with separation of lines shown by a diagonal. Manuscripts in private collections do not have their location indicated, except for those many in the Sorabji Music Archive, which are listed by permission of Alistair Hinton. Positions of compositions in the catalog have been assigned chronologically by completion date. When a date is uncertain, one is presumed on the basis of characteristics of a manuscript, a comment in a letter written by Sorabji, or a guess based on other circumstantial evidence.