This chapter focuses on Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji's articles on contemporary composers published in the newspapers The New Age and The New English Weekly, which contain much more of his music criticism than any other serial. The New Age emphasized current much more than historical activities. In addition to musical events in London, Sorabji wrote about the state of music education, music criticism, and copyright. During the 19th century, English music criticism stagnated because of the conservative tastes of critics such as H. F. Chorley and James William Davison, who dominated critical opinion in London for nearly half a century. Sorabji's music criticism was influenced by his highly emotional outlook and subjective sense of what constituted true and sincere music. Sorabji dealt with many compositions of Frederick Delius, the majority of which he praised lavishly. Sorabji's evaluation of Edward Elgar's music was generally positive, for he believed that Elgar possessed a "very great musical mind, broad, deep and powerful".