Craniosacral therapy is a gentle, nonintrusive, hands-on healing technique utilized by experienced therapists to help the physical body release restricted tissues and restore optimal physical, emotional, behavioral, and cognitive functions. It is an alternative medicine technique that is readily able to work with and enhance the effects of traditional allopathic treatments. It can be a very effective means of helping people work through and release chronic pain. Craniosacral therapy, thus, can help individuals unravel their lives by moving them through their barriers and pains and bringing them back into their wholeness. Persons suffering from traumatic brain injury often suffer from anxiety and disappointment in many areas of their life. Self-esteem, cognitive performance, and relationships with friends and family often suffer. Post-traumatic stress disorder has traditionally been difficult to treat, and many people with brain injury suffer from this disorder. Craniosacral treatment is best done in a quiet, safe room in which the patient is to lie down and completely relax.