Frances Burney, Mme d'Arblay is perhaps best known today for her four novels: Evelina, Cecilia, Camilla and The Wanderer, all of which are available in modern scholarly editions. Burney was, however, still more prolific as a journal- and letter-writer. Over 10,000 manuscript pages of her journals and letters are extant, beginning in March 1768, three months before her sixteenth birthday, and concluding only in August 1839, a few months before her death in January 1840 at the age of eighty-seven. The modern editing of Burney's journals and letters goes back to 1972. Having published her biography, Hemlow could turn her attention to editing Burney's journals and letters. Hemlow's next task was to transcribe and annotate the texts of Burney's journals and letters. Her aim was to restore the material to its original state, presenting modern readers with the letters as seen by their recipients, rather than as later revised by their anxious author.