Persevering in the shadows of stock stories are concealed stories, the second story type explored in the Storytelling Project Model. Like stock stories, concealed stories are not purely individual but rather emerge from and connect to broad social and historical patterns. Concealed stories challenge stock stories by offering different accounts of and explanations for social relations. Art educator, and creative team member on the Storytelling Project, Dipti Desai illustrated the juxtaposition of stock and concealed stories by engaging the creative team in an analysis of images produced by contemporary visual artists. Concealed stories are found in poetry, art, dance, music and drama that creatively express the trauma of being dehumanized by racism as well as the hard-won knowledge, wisdom and strength to carry on in the face of injustice. Social science data is another powerful tool for revealing concealed stories about injustice and inequality. Remembering concealed stories is essential memory work for challenging stock stories that underwrite racism.