Christianity in sub-Saharan Africa is often associated with the coming of Western missionaries and colonialism. Ethiopia is an exception to this in many ways. Ethiopia is often described as a Christian state before Christianity. The Ethiopian Orthodox Church (EOC) is part of the umbrella of what has been referred to as the Oriental Orthodox Churches, which includes Armenian, Coptic, Eritrean, Syrian, and Malankara/Indian. The EOC was the bulwark of the history and culture of Ethiopia in the past. It has played a dominant role in the political, cultural, and spiritual terrains of Ethiopia for centuries. The introduction of Christianity in Ethiopia is a turning point in the history of the nation. It brought sociocultural shifts along multiple lines. Ancient Axumite symbols of the sun and the moon were replaced with the Cross, as was evidenced in contemporary minted coins. One of the distinguishing features of the church services in the tradition of the EOC is the administration of the liturgy.