Theology is central to the Christian faith, and it shapes the doctrinal affirmations and practices of Christians. This chapter addresses evangelical theology as it is understood in Africa. It briefly looks at the history of evangelicals in Africa. The chapter elucidates the central tenets of evangelical theology, innovations, and contributions to African Christianity, spiritual growth, development, and improvement of the social, political, and economic lives of African Christians, as well as the challenges posed to the evangelical faith in the midst of secularism and religious pluralism. The center and unity of evangelical theology is the “evangel,” the Gospel. This is the most distinguishing mark of evangelical theology. The Gospel, which is God’s solution to the human predicament of sin, is the boundary of evangelical theology. The Pentecostal and charismatic wing of evangelicals have brought many innovations to African Christianity through new forms of worship, power encounter, and a new spirituality in African Christianity.