"We create the path by walking", goes a well-known universal saying. The same can be said about the development of African narrative theology in its many forms. This chapter presents two concrete examples of African narrative theology from grassroots experience: “The Parable of the Two Brothers” and “Peacebuilding in Tegeti Parish, Kenya”. Ugandan theologian Emmanuel Katongole emphasizes that African theologians listen to the real-life stories of the African people. It includes oral theological conversation. Importantly, storytelling honors women’s stories and experiences. Stories give texture to theology. They illustrate the lives of people living the theology, preventing theology from being just a series of propositions. Africans are writing a narrative contextual theology of inculturation and liberation out of their own experiences and lives. Thus, the African Church is enriching the World Church. African theologians are developing African conversation theology, or more specifically African Christian Conversation Theology, as a “New Way of Doing Theology.”.