This chapter seeks to emphasize the value of storytelling and narrative modes of thought and communication within participatory planning contexts. The chapter theoretically argues that while stories provide a means to bridge the gap between locally embedded knowledge and planning discourses and can stimulate productive debate between conflicting views, the narrative mode remains systematically undervalued within planning contexts. Based on a case study of urban renewal in Antwerp, Belgium, the chapter explores how an approach was adopted that sought to operationalize co-productive storytelling as a means for local actors to engage with the redevelopment process. It illustrates, based on the most central storylines, how this approach has the potential to combine socio-spatial research and deliberation, while connecting daily realities to future-oriented visions. In doing so the chapter aims to emphasize the importance of embedding narrative modes of reasoning within a co-productive approach, to provide a platform for local knowledge to engage with urban planning discourses, and to empower local inhabitants to make sense of spatial transformation processes.