Cyber abuse in romantic relationships (CARR) or cyber dating abuse is the focus of an increasing number of studies in several countries. Although CARR shares forms of abuse with offline abuse, such as threats, humiliation, and behaviors to control the partner, it also includes specific forms of abuse that are based on the use of information and communication technologies (ICT). Although countries and cultures differ in the use of ICT and in important risk factors for dating violence, such as attitudes toward the use of violence in romantic relationships, gender stereotypes, and gender equality, CARR appears as a highly extended problem across countries. Unfortunately, the study of CARR has been hampered by the multiplicity of measures and methodologies used for its evaluation. This chapter presents a review of CARR from an international perspective. The review includes a description of measurement issues with a special focus on CARR modalities. Five modalities of CARR are identified: direct verbal aggressions, control/monitoring, relational abuse, excessive communication, and cyber sexual abuse. The chapter also examines the prevalence rates of CARR in several countries, and the reciprocity between perpetration and victimization of CARR. Finally, the chapter includes a section of recommendations for researchers and practitioners.