This chapter focuses on new ways in which measures of the health and improvement of natures in situ are becoming a focus for financial concerns in ‘impact investing’. It illustrates how calculative and valuation devices can be standardised in one value domain, and circulated and applied to others, presumably with potential for commensurabilities between different social and environmental outcomes to materialise. The chapter provides some illustrations of how conserved and restored natures in situ are becoming part of the bond market identified in the epigraph as the great innovation distinguishing western capitalism from economic systems. It introduces the concept and practice of impact investing. The chapter traces some developments in the field of impact investing for the conservation, restoration and rehabilitation of terrestrial ecosystems. The chapter discusses the II edge for valuing, conserving, restoring and rehabilitating ‘standing natures’. Financialisation is of course about volumes and directions of money that both move and accumulate via financial instruments and investments.