When I received the invitation from the editors to contribute an essay to this volume honouring the memory of Professor Jill Poole, I did not hesitate. My only regret centres on the circumstances under which this volume originated. I still recall vividly the moment I first received the news of Jill’s passing. I was on a family holiday in Scandinavia at the time (in Norway, to be precise) when I received an e-mail from The Society of Legal Scholars which referred to an enclosed letter from Professor Andrew Burrows (who was the President of the Society). The title of the e-mail appeared neutral enough as it simply read, “Professor Jill Poole”. What next greeted my eyes as I opened the attached letter utterly shocked me for it conveyed the very sad news that Jill had passed away on the evening of Tuesday, 31 May 2016. It is impossible to even begin to comprehend the tragic loss of not only an accomplished legal scholar but also (and more importantly) a really wonderful human being.