This chapter examines the impact of Brexit on the English contract law Jill Poole knew so well and determines whether Brexit is likely to signify the end to the interpretative difficulties. Jill Poole warned of the risk of EU law over-complicating English contract law and making it more difficult for consumers to know their rights. The chapter considers how the common law courts are likely to interpret the Consumer Rights Act 2015 (CRA) pre- and post-Brexit. It considers the likely impact on UK law post-Brexit of changes to EU law, notably in the field of digital contracts. In sum, UK consumer law post-Brexit is unlikely to be clearer or simpler. Brexit is likely to give rise to uncertainty in contract law as it will in many areas of law. The Supreme Court ruling in Beavis is helpful then in highlighting the changes to judicial practice which follow from the transposition of EU directives into UK law.