This chapter explores the potentials of the "post-complexities" by analyzing practices in which they are in play and at stake. It argues that practicing post-complexity is something that practitioners are already doing; if they create and utilize standards that reduce complexity, they do so pragmatically, reflexive of the complexities of the situations and the subjects involved—and, at least potentially, of how simplifications add to complexity. In the field of psychological research, this kind of reduction of complexity has been criticized in terms of validity. The numbers pragmatically bridge the gap between the complexity of the client's feelings and the need to communicate them in a few moments. The chapter deals with numbers and with scholars' through numbers, and perhaps even a little about Nothingness. The nothingness of the numbers' reference implies other qualities such as aggregation, linearity, one-dimensionality, unequivocality—qualities that do not quite seem to evaporate when the boiler fills up.