This chapter provides an onset in forgetting and applies Karen Barad's agential realism to the phenomenon. It argues that the thing forgotten exists in an indeterminate, state, and as such in a quantum state of nothingness before it is remembered that it was forgotten. The chapter outlines some main concepts from "Meeting the Universe Half Way". It introduces some of Barad's key concepts, such as diffraction, entanglement, and complementarity and explores the concepts gradually as they are put to use on the empirical examples. The chapter explains an argument for a post-human approach that deals with a nondualistic and distributed understanding of subjectivity, addressing the problem of nothingness in relation to forgetting. Infinity is the ongoing material reconfiguration of nothingness; and finity is not its flattened and foreshortened projection on a cave wall, but an infinite richness. Viewing forgetting as nothingness in Baradian terms allows for the phenomenon to be envisioned in a performative, as well as normative light.