Late in 2015, George Kourvetaris, the founder of the Journal of Political and Military Sociology (JPMS), the predecessor of this series, passed away at the age of 81. Born in Greece in 1933, he emigrated to the United States as a young man. He encountered numerous challenges as he worked his way through college (a story told with charm and verve in his memoir, Sharing My Life’s Journey), receiving his PhD from Northwestern University in 1969 and becoming Professor of Sociology at Northern Illinois University. His passion for scholarship and the academic life resulted, among many other accomplishments, in the founding of JPMS in 1973, at the time the only such journal in existence. For over 30 years, he guided the JPMS into a position of prominence, along the way publishing the work of both established figures as well as that of the innumerable rising young scholars who benefitted from his kindness and support. Seeing the Journal transition to Political and Military Sociology: An Annual Review in 2010 was not easy for George, yet he recognized its necessity in order to keep what was, in many ways, his life’s work alive. It was our honor to be entrusted with his legacy and even more to call him a mentor and friend. It is to Professor George A. Kourvetaris, with thanks, respect, and warm affection that we dedicate this volume.