Bronzeville initially began to flourish with the creation of the first Binga Bank, a privately held black bank founded in 1908. The bank, located at 3633 S. State Street, was instrumental in the establishment and growth of businesses, entertainment and housing opportunities for blacks. By 1900 the Black Metropolis was well established as a city within the city, a community that satisfied its own demand for goods and services. Jesse Binga, Anthony Overton, Robert S. Abbott, Robert T. Motts, and John "Mushmouth" Johnson were the most prominent black entrepreneurs who significantly contributed to the development and economic growth of the Black Metropolis. Meeting the standards to obtain a state charter in 1921, Jesse Binga was able to establish his second bank—Binga State Bank. The new home for the bank was erected in 1924 at 3452 South State Street. Binga's success in real estate prompted him to open a private bank at 3633 South State Street in 1908.