Kidnapping is a highly visible crime especially when prominent members of the community are involved as victims or when it occurs as a part of a terrorist attack. The presence of instrumental motives and structured decision-making processes renders ransom kidnapping apparently suitable for a rational choice analysis, under which crime is held to be the result of decisions and choices made by offenders in pursuit of their own self-interest. Sardinia is one of twenty regions of Italy and is administratively divided into four districts or provincie: Cagliari, Sassari, Nuoro and Oristano. Nuoro covers the pastoral areas where most kidnappings take place. The larger amount of information needed when external hostages are involved increases the possibility of error concerning the victim's circumstances and thus the logistics of the capture. The role of informants, many of whom come from the Nuoro District and are domestic servants or workmen in the new villas, can be very important in external kidnappings.