This conclusion presents some closing thoughts on the key concepts discussed in the preceding chapters of this book. The book reveals the contradictory tensions in the discourses of neoliberalism and social cohesion with which the Malaysia Education Blueprint (MEB) is imbued. It shows that how these discourses have formed, how they perpetuate schisms in society despite the stated objective of social equity and how they shape the educational opportunities of particular groups in society. The Malaysian government has responded to economic and cultural globalization with its own form of ethnicized and neo-liberal discourses, which she calls 'ethnicized neoliberalism'. International students serve the neoliberal aims of bringing in funding for the education sector and the Malaysian economy. The preparation of young Malaysians for tertiary international education within and beyond Malaysia's shores is another ellipsis in the MEB. Consideration of the educational needs of refugees and asylum seekers is absent from the MEB.