The activist translation during Taiwan’s Sunflower Student Movement in 2014 is one prominent example of civil resistance. During this movement, protesters communicated to the world through their translation and/or interpreting renditions of various source materials about the movement, such as video clips, news reports, and photos, while a large activist translation group emerged and receded along with the movement. Their common goal was to show the world resistance against their own government and against China, which regarded Taiwan as part of its territory. During the movement, CNN iReport was the only foreign outlet where voluntary renditions about the Sunflower Movement were massively gathered through reposting of full texts or links, thus becoming a suitable site for observing the dynamics of activist translation. By examining all the 552 posts on the CNN iReport platform between 18 March and 10 April 2014 and by comparing this activist translation activity with other international politicised translation communities and activist translation in other place-based protest movements, this chapter presents some distinct features of the activist renditions in question facilitated by internet technologies.