The monographic issue of El garabato dedicated to Kierkegaard is focused on the topic Individuality versus Globalization. The edition and form of the issue are notably questionable. Concerning the content, even if the general tone of articles is informative, there are important differences in quality among them. First, Grøn's contribution is clear and clever, and aims at showing how Kierkegaard has been rediscovered in the twentieth century beyond existentialist philosophy. Second, Torralba's paper offers a very existentialist image of Kierkegaard focused on the concept of the individual. Third, the article tries to show the important role that Kierkegaard's vocation as a writer plays in his philosophy. Fourth, the purpose of García Pavón's paper is to show Kierkegaard's critique of concepts of crowd and reflection by means of the concepts of irony and singular individuality. In short, despite some very good contributions, the strong problems of methodology make this monographic issue a rather poor contribution to the dissemination of Kierkegaard's thought.