In this chapter, the author focuses on partner abuse in disputed child custody cases, to capture his research that commented on how parents are motivated to minimise, distort, and lie in order to maintain custody of their children. The version of the group intervention programme for perpetrators, Alternative Behavior Choices, can be found in Hamel, and reflects findings from the Partner Abuse State of Knowledge Project literature reviews, including the review of risk factor research by D. M. Capaldi, N. B. Knoble, J. W. Shortt, and H. K. Kim, as well as research conducted with colleagues on evidence-based perpetrator programme standards. The impact of intimate partner violence (IPV) on children is well-known, but alienation is a form of emotional child abuse, with serious lifetime consequences. Some allege IPV or child abuse by the other parent; others, who have minimal visitation rights, charge that the parent with primary custody has been deliberately trying to alienate that child.