In sharing the traditional view of psychologists it seemed a truism that brain processes are the objective of experts in matters of the brain as a large system of biological origin. When in 1961, having finished author physics course at Leipzig, he approached F. Klix for employment, he came to him with a very unusual, though in a wider sense quite proper, education in psychology. In 1962, after Klix had been appointed Director of the Psychological Institute at Humboldt University, author moved with him from Jena to Berlin where since then he has lived with his family. Regarding psychology, according to a famous saying of G. T. Fechner, psychophysics would have kept pace with physics all the time had it not been for the so much bigger difficulties that it is faced with. The young man predicted that the general form of psychophysical laws must be a power function rather than a logarithmic function as Fechner had posited.