This chapter presents and discusses tfu (witchcraft) discourses in the Wimbum society that involved women in their communities. It highlights the tfu accusations and revisits the gender dimension of witchcraft because the number of women accused of being witches is still high. The accusations against women are serious and happen frequently, especially when a woman's husband dies. The chapter also highlights two perspectives on witchcraft that have changed witchcraft discourses in Wimbum land; namely modernity and growth of religion. The broader Wimbum community and, to certain extent, Cameroon community are increasingly being drawn to these discourses and made to feel as though they are part of the drama through the mass media and the internet. The chapter presents the popular press in Cameroon carried the cases and those in turn were broadcast to a global audience over the internet, making them available to hundreds of Cameroonians who might have ignored them if they read them in papers in Cameroon.