This chapter analyses the decade-long crises in Jos, Plateau State, in North Central Nigeria, particularly within ambit of the peacebuilding roles played by women in the crises. Plateau State, for several years, was embroiled in widespread violence and conflict with heavy toll on the lives and properties of its people. The chapter highlights the negative impact of the conflict on women and girls. It advances existing literature by showcasing the critical peacebuilding roles women played in ending the protracted conflict in Jos City and its environs, and their activities in entrenching peace in their communities. The chapter primarily aims at demonstrating how women's agency for peace was valuable for bringing an end to Jos Crisis. Jos, the capital of Plateau State in North Central Nigeria has historically been known for its peace and tranquility. The chapter highlights the women in Jos have been actively involved in seeking an end to incessant killings and bloodbath that have pervaded the state.