This chapter argues that Afro-German women used the 1991 Institute to cultivate connections to Black women with varied backgrounds that became critical to their diasporic and feminist activism. It also details how these women created connections with others across the Diaspora, allowing them to establish networks and strengthen their political consciousness. The chapter discusses scholarship on the African Diaspora and explains the experiences of Afro-Germans to better understand how they contribute to this field. It addresses the sources of Black feminist and Black women's internationalism to show how they dialoged with other feminist initiatives and institutes such as at the United Nations, eventually leading to the creation of the Cross-Cultural Institute. The chapter examines the 1991 Institute in Germany and how Afro-Germans used it to forge feminist solidarity and to push for more attention on the issues of racism, gender and diasporic politics. It demonstrates how Afro-Germans and other participants collaborated to initiate international change with their "1991 Resolutions".