This chapter aims to assess the implications derived from the Mauritius and Tanzania rulings vis-a-vis the enhancement of the democratic principle and the principle of consistency in the conclusion of international agreements. For that purpose, after an analysis of the Court's rulings in Mauritius and Tanzania regarding Article 218(10) Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU), it takes the Court's approach to consistency in Tanzania to support a broad understanding of the principle of consistency. The chapter explores the link made between the principle of consistency and the democratic principle in Tanzania, the rationale of the possible contribution of the EP to consistency, with a focus on the goal-oriented conception of consistency enshrined in both Articles 7 TFEU and 21(3) Treaty on European Union. The judgment of the Court linked the duty to inform the EP under Article 218(10) TFEU to both the attainment of the democratic principle and the principle of consistency.