In this chapter, the author shows how the movie includes, reflects, rejects, and otherwise interacts with the intense history of consequences of Ham, Noah's drunkenness, and Noah's curse. The author describes four topics by which he can analyzes how creative choices in Noah exhibit degrees of congruence or incongruence—whether intentional or coincidental—with ideas in the history of interpretation of Genesis 9:20-25. The author focuses on the role that Noah plays as a unique dialogue partner in the history of consequences of this troubling text. Nevertheless, Noah curses Canaan with an extremely harsh punishment—one that would seem excessive even if Canaan had indeed been the one to "see the nakedness of his father." Indeed, there is a history of Jewish interpretations that Noah's righteousness is only relative to his very wicked generation. The common Christian interpretation of Ham as representing the Jews may have a peculiar relevance to people discussion since Logan Lerman is actually Jewish.