The retellings of the story of Noah have instead emphasized how animals were rescued following God's command because Noah, a righteous man, was faithful to God and constructed an ark where his family and the animals could ride out the storm. Millions have grown up wrongly believing that for Noah everything was "fine and dandy" on the "arky, arky," and for those who love God, life is meant similarly to be "hunky dory." "The Dove," was written in fifteen minutes and was based on this same Noah story, a story that had obviously remained central in the young teenager's imagination. Whether or not his lifelong fascination with Noah can be seen as the major catalyst, Aronofsky's career as a filmmaker has certainly focused on characters like his movie's Noah, a point noted by film critic Peter Chattaway. Noah and his sons have been pictured as hard at work building the huge ark, only for the animals to come peacefully.