Musaurus is a guide to the structure of musical knowledge, and has three parts: a scholarly introduction; a comprehensive hierarchical thesaurus, with some 4000 terms covering the scholarly professional and business aspects of music; an alphabetical, fully rotated index of some 9000 terms which includes every significant word in Musaurus. The aim of Musaurus was to provide a comprehensive system for indexing the whole field of music, including music scholarship, the music profession and the music industry. Musaurus was designed to be suitable for indexing music, books, journal articles, newspaper items, documents, recordings, instruments, brochures, files, artefacts – in fact, anything of musical interest. MusBib was a current, bimonthly bibliography that indexed a wide range of music journals, general periodicals and books, as well as news items and reviews from the press. MusBib covered the whole field of music, with the exception of pop, and was arranged in four sections: bibliography; performances; recordings; and index.