This chapter outlines a number of possible global solutions. The delegate ministers at the Global Consultations also observed that it is critical that state parties cooperate with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and use its expertise in protection issues. Rodger Haines and Nick Poynder argue for a broader role for the UNHCR in the monitoring and implementation of the Convention. The Global Consultations on 13 December 2001 called for quality decision making which is fair, efficient and which has enforceable results, including the return of those not found to be in need of international protection. At the Global Consultations the UNHCR stressed that burden sharing was a key to finding solutions for refugees, and that a positive culture of respect for refugees was also critical. Adrienne Millbank suggests that the problem of illegal arrivals and people smuggling should be addressed by posting more migration officers overseas, including in refugee camps in the Middle East.